Functional Medicine/Nutrition

We use Food as Medicine and Functional Nutrition to individually find your approach to Diet and Lifestyle.   We can help you feel better and often reduce your medication.

Functional medicine concepts look at your lifestyle, gut health, energy, pain, toxic load, food sensitivities to find the best program for you

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Professional Products

As licensed nutritionists we have access to therapeutic grade supplements and can help you figure out what you individually could benefit from.    We also carry a whole food (fruit and vegetable) capsule that can help you bridge the gap between what you eat and what you should eat each day for optimal health.

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Fitness and movement

Lake of Egypt Fitness Center, Marion, IL has 4,400 square feet of cardio, strength and fitness area to work out in. We have personal trainers, yoga, senior classes and a 6 week intense boot camp.   We can help coach you to find movement that works for you and help you reach your goals no matter where you are starting out at.

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Since 1993

What makes us Different

We use your input, a lifestyle intake form, and symptom survey to design an individualized program for you. We are known for helping people lose weight and reducing chronic disease.  Because of our training at the Institute of Functional Medicine and  Food as Medicine we can help you feel and look your best.


Meeting with you

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Call us at (618) 967-7830 to talk to Christy or Sandy about what are your goals.   You can also email us at [email protected]