Finding the best movement for  you

Our Approach

We want you to have great results.  Our philosophy is that there are different eating plans for different people.   Finding what is best for you is what can be tricky.  Our process can do that for you. Helping people change their life is exciting.

We want to do whatever is needed to find your best self.  We have different packages and are available in person, by phone, text or webcam.  If you need to learn how to find better recipes, grocery shop, or schedule healthy habits we will be there for you so that you can be successful.

Our Story

Our Story

Both of us have struggled with health issues while eating typically healthy and exercising.  Besides being registered dietitians and licensed nutritionists we had to look for integrative ways because conventional medicine wasn't going to work.   Attending additional trainings on Functional medicine and Food as Medicine has changed our lives.

We have a passion for helping people lose weight and reduce their chronic conditions.

Meet the Team

We are a mother/daughter consulting service because we think good health is important to everyone at any age.

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Christy Long Adams, MS, RD, LD


Christy has a master's degree in nutrition and loves to play sports.  She likes coming up with recipes and helping people get fit.

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Sandy Long, RD, LD, CNSC


Sandy has had over 30 years hospital and community wellness experience.  She enjoys helping people improve their chronic disease, GI and autoimmune concerns.

Next Steps...

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